SOC Leaders are demanding more flexible and functional platforms


Next-gen-psim-saas-thumbnail2Next-Gen PSIM

Top 10 Things Leading Command Centers Expect Today

The security industry was already complex, but in the last five years accelerating change has made it imperative that PSIMs become more adaptable. Teams are dealing with new and
expanding threats, ever-evolving technology, and, increasingly, operational ‘islands’ around the globe. We asked top tech companies what features they believe are paramount. The results are in. This white paper explores the Top 10 things security industry leaders demand today.



Resilience coverResilience 

 The key to Building a Robust Command Center

Because the pace of change has accelerated so quickly it’s easy to continuously patch together or add onto an existing security plan in order to accommodate new technology, rapid growth, and increasing threats. Conversely, a resilient operation builds durability and elasticity into the very fabric of its infrastructure. If you want to feel confident that your command center is ready every day, for any event, take a look at our 9 key-steps to building a resilient operation.



Response whitepaper thumbnailResponse Time

The Key to Better Security Outcomes

Your security command center needs to be a well-oiled machine to ensure the best possible outcomes in a critical security event. When it comes to measuring performance and optimizing procedures, there is no metric more important than response time. By understanding and improving response time, you’ll trigger a chain reaction that leads to improving other metrics, empowering operators to perform well in their jobs, and better security outcomes overall.