How security teams are responding to rapid change and improving the security of their organization

June 10, 11am - 12pm EST  /  4pm - 5pm BST

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In this webinar we will use some recent case studies to illustrate how organizations in different industries are managing growth and adapting to change in their security operations. The SureView team will walk you through a couple of these scenarios, ranging from a global technology company to a critical infrastructure organization, and a real-time crime center, highlighting the key features and functions these teams are using to effectively manage security incidents.


Topics we will discuss include:

  • The Challenge - how rapid growth is impacting security operations

  • Customer case studies
    • Global Technology Company  - scaling a global operation 
    • Banking & Critical Infrastructure - utilizing automation in a regulated industry
    • RTCC & Situational Awareness - integrating complex systems across a diverse set of organizations 
    • Cloud deployments - Utilizing SaaS for rapid deployment
  • Tabletop Incident Scenario



Sean Garcia - Director, Enterprise Command Centers
Has 15 year experience in the Security & Technology field. At Sureview he leads the sales & operations team for the company. Prior to that, he led the Global Technology Standards and Security Technology Operations team at AIG. LinkedIn Profile


arrow-clipping-mask-anthonybw-leftAnthony Testa - Strategic Account Executive

Anthony joined the Sureview Systems team in 2020 after spending 41 years in IBM in which the last 15 years, he was an Associate Partner managing the physical security portfolio for the U.S. from consulting to delivery. His main focus​ is ​to provide solutions to complex business requirements and integration of multiple platforms. LinkedIn Profile